Selling my clothes

I feel like I’ve been on a spring cleaning journey for weeks now. I realised how many clothes I stored and sadly, I haven’t worn in months or years and it is upsetting. I should have spent my money better, I could have saved more but impulsive as I am at times, I ended up with shed loads of items I didn’t even remember I had.

How sad.

So I decided to divide the pile in two. One for charity and one for sale.

I must admit that the charity pile was soooo huge, I donated SEVEN bags. I went to the charity drop off boxes down the road, just because the shops where I live do not accept donations at the moment – also, one shop refused them. They didn’t see the items, it was just a plain NO. The bags were mainly jumpers, jeans, long sleeve tee shirts and shoes. I am funny about selling shoes, I would not buy second hand, pre worn shoes. I don’t know why, I just can’t get my head around it.

On top of that, it is hassle free. You just need to make sure they items are in good conditions and clean.

Then, a couple of mates told me they sell clothes online. I absolutely hate eBay, I’m against the whole concept of bidding for an item, it’s just too much for my little brain. If I like something, I want to pay A price, I would not go up just because someone has got more money. It’s a BIG NO FROM ME HUN. I had a couple of leather jackets in my wardrobe and asked my partner to sell them on eBay, he was in charge and didn’t have to deal with anything.

But then, on Monday, a friend of mine shared her depop page. And I looked into it. (‘‘Tis is not an advert, just my personal opinion).

After almost five days on Depop, here’s what I noticed.

1. Get your Instagram skills on board. If you look at some accounts, they seem so polished and pro, what the hell and why do my pictures look like they have been taken with a disposable camera?

2. Personal touch. An emoji here and there, nice bio, you know the drill. This is the social media for clothing…and more.

3. It is a long process. I’m so silly, I thought I would take some pictures (4), upload them and BANG! Sold. In reality, it’s not like that, at least for me. 2 out of 12 items have sold. The rest is still “staring” at me.

4. There is a lot of competition, you know. Before uploading an item, do some research. Check on the app if there is something similar and compare the price. Be open to negotiations. But don’t drop your price down, it looks a bit desperate. I sold a pair of DMs and then, I found out this lady is RESELLING THEM! How is that even possible? Why would you do it?!? Maybe I’m lazy and I only want to clear my bedroom 🤷🏻‍♀️

5. Keep it simple and chilled. First day on I was checking the app every other hour, thinking I was going to be an entrepreneur 🤣 now, I get notifications if I sold something. I still upload on daily basis, I’ve got another 6 items to sell and then I will work out what to do next.

Am I enjoying it? I’m not too sure atm. I’m off work because of the lockdown so I’ve got enough time to do it and I don’t mind getting some extra money in. But it would be different if I was working full time.

I think I will carry on donating clothes to charity and be less materialistic.

Or trying to.


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