Spending less time on Instagram

I don’t know if I mentioned it here but I made a list of resolutions for 2021. Last year I didn’t and we know how it went 😒 so I decided to change my mindset and came up with 5 things I would like to do/achieve this year, bearing in mind that I may be on furlough for few weeks- or months.

One aspect that shocked me during previous lockdowns was how much time I spent on Instagram. After one of thousand updates the app had, I discovered the activity button…and oh Lord, have I really spent hours on it?

I was really shocked and annoyed at myself. First lockdown was all outdoorsy, within the rules, and it went fine. The second one was boring as hell, in the middle of November when the nights are drawing in and it’s cold. So automatically, like most people, I snuggled up on the sofa and picked up my phone and spent RIDICULOUS amount of time on it. Wasted days on it.

So, first of January, here it comes… 2 days off Instagram, as starter. And guess what? A week passed by and I didn’t check once. So I logged in the day before yesterday because I went for a walk and luckily the sky was very blue and the river looked beautiful and I took a picture, posted it and logged out again.

So two weeks later, I don’t miss it. I only checked this morning because a friend of mine asked me if I see this cabin in Scotland and there’s a link to book it – I saw him pre lockdown and he said he stayed at this cabin and I asked for info so he messaged me the link etc etc…but apart from this, I don’t have a clue on what goes on in the gram world.

There are few things I should add about my page. It’s private and I only have people I know or celebrities I admire ( hmm, Louis Theroux, Alexa Chung, Dylan Werner and Robbie Williams 😶) and that’s it. It’s private because I can’t stand nosy people (family friends anyone?) and I don’t have anything to hide but I just don’t like gossip, end of.

So this is what I learned in 2 weeks of this “experiment”, which I’m going to carry on.

1. Achieved more. I started refreshing my knowledge of Japanese last March and I noticed that I remembered quite a few. Then I went back to work and, instead of practicing on my break, I was checking IG. Cut the story short, I am now on level 4. Also, I’m looking into vet nurse courses, trying to understand if it’s doable, how much does it cost, how long and see if I could start?! I love animals and I wish I could do more and I think this could be a good career. (I know it won’t be all rosy, and It may be difficult at times but it’s worth look into it and get to speak with the nurses down the road).

2. More present. There’s more communication between me and my partner, he’s been working from home, so there’s not much of difference for him, lockdown or not, but as soon as he finishes, we can cook together or read or check the holidays brochures I ordered because WHY NOT. We are currently saving for a house so dreaming of holidays is all we got 🤣 but sarcasm aside, we are more connected, I guess we have grown in strength since last March. We are polar opposite, he’s more extrovert and I am not so for him, being in lockdown has meant cutting down all the social gatherings he used to have on weekly basis. It stung at first, because he wasn’t used to see just me 24/7 but I regularly check on him and he’s doing great.

3. Prioritise real contact than virtual. There’s no need of reminding me I cannot meet friends in real life atm, but there was a time when i only spoke to certain friends on the app. HOW SAD! I don’t wait for anyone to like/comment my post, I text them or call them. There are few friends that don’t live in UK but here’s a chance for reconnecting. And it’s great.

4. More active. I started yoga last June and I am still practicing every week, recently everyday. I am now close to do a full split, WELL DONE ME, and a crow pose. I started now working towards a headstand and I can honestly say my arms are a bit sore and my 6 packs is showing, surrounded by my rib cage 😆. I also run, twice a week and I feel stronger as well. I love being out and about, listening to music on the river path – that’s bliss 🙂 but if I want to run, I have to do it before 9am just because the entire borough has decided to do it as well. The earlier the better.

5. Keep everything sparkle clean. I am not saying I used to live in a filthy house, but I’m now 100% dedicated to it. The flat we moved it was recently renovated so we need to be careful when moving around – he’s got three bicycles now chilling in the kitchen and the previous house’s carpet got oil stains everywhere ooooops! ( note: when I moved to the previous house, the carpet was described as off white with stains…it was beige. 6 years later, cat and dog made it more “alive” with patterns so the oil stains were considered wear and tear). In this flat, I’m sorry but I don’t want any of it. There’s a blanket on the kitchen floor to make sure there’s no oil residue). I’m the only one who cleans in here, so I keeps everything sparkling. Everyday, there’s a room to clean, new cleaning product to try…. how interesting 😂

6. My phone battery lasts longer so I don’t need to change it 😆 I love gadgets. I used to change my phone every other year and now I don’t give a shit. I’m sorry but if it works that’s all I care. I don’t fancy paying a lot for my phone bill just because it’s the latest product. I already call home once a week and that isn’t cheap. My battery is currently thanking me because, after 2 years, I don’t need to charge it everyday. The less I spend on IG, the longer it lasts.

Will I go back and stare senselessly at ig posts? Maybe… but I’m more conscious now of all the other activities I could do instead of checking someone dinner’s photo which I won’t even like.

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