Have you ever felt like something is about to change?

I’m not 100% optimistic, I always believe that my glass is half full at times and half empty other times… I have changed the way I see things, I’m not sure how and why but, for once, I feel like something is about to change. My glass. You might think that half full/half empty areContinue reading “Have you ever felt like something is about to change?”

Sometimes, I just need to let it go

Today, actually this week has been absolutely AWFUL. To be completely honest, I feel like I have been working for two weeks non-stop. The days off I had were full of things to do – see previous blog. I was rushing left, right and centre to get my new passport. And, when I went backContinue reading “Sometimes, I just need to let it go”

Finally I got my passport renewed… what a journey though!

On Thursday I had my appointment to get my passport renewed. The emotions were very high. So my passport expired on May, 21st. By law, you cannot travel if you’re passport is six months close to the expiry date ( in uk, I didn’t get round to check whether is the case everywhere else). WeContinue reading “Finally I got my passport renewed… what a journey though!”

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